Celebrate Spring with L’Occitane 

L’Occitane have a range of new products now available in their store, celebrate their re-opening and find out more information about their new ranges below.

Specialised eye care, made just for you


The window to your soul

Our eyes reveal more about ourselves than we know. Our joys, wisdom, fears and love are expressed to those around us with every blink. Now that we are wearing face masks when we leave the house, it is more important than ever that our eyes express what we truly want the world to know.

Various bottles and jars of L'occitane cosmetics.

 L’Occitane Homme

L’Occitane has designed three new fragrances, each exploring the unique man, a fusion of the natural and the man made. Utilising patented extraction technology, we have captured the unexpected olfactory properties of original raw materials, not possible to capture using traditional extraction processes in the art of fragrance making. The process has enabled us to capture three new and adventurous scents; centenary olive fields after the rain, driftwood rocked by the windy gusts and salt of the Mediterranean sea, and roasted shea almond at twilight.

The Perfumers

Grandson of the L’Occitane rose, jasmine and verbena producer, Mathieu Nardin’s creative approach always begins with an ingredient, which he likes to combine, transform and reinvent. Serge Majoullier, the son of a perfumer, became a pure artist who creates according to his desire, from natural figurative themes to purely abstract creations.

Three bottles of perfume sitting on a pile of rocks.

Click and Collect 

With their boutiques open again, L’Occitane will resume its Click & Collect service, offering customers the convenience of collecting their products from store in a timely manner. Simply order online, choose a boutique to pick up your order from and collect! Orders can be available in store within 4 hours to 3 working days (subject to stock availability). For those visiting the store, L’Occitane will ensure only a limited amount of people can be in boutique at any given time to make it as safe as possible.

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