Community Art Sculpture

As part of Create's art:space programme, Young carers from Kent have worked with professional artist Sam Haynes to make a spectacular 3D sculpture.

Titled 'The Carer's Reign' the sculpture was created by 15 young carers, aged 8 - 12. Focusing on themes specific to Tunbridge Wells, 'Crown' and 'Water'; they began sketching crown designs, inspired by images of both contemporary and traditional crowns. These were then transformed into their own individual crowns that the young carers photographed themselves, to be displayed around the plinth.

Techniques used to create these crowns, inspired the decoration of the two larger crowns. These techniques included plaiting, weaving, threading, wrapping and spray painting. The main materials used were wire and foam. They then created water relief patterns, using clay and plaster, which were photographed and collaged to flow along the top of the plinth. The hand prints were added to represent the young carers working together and creating an artwork unique to them, in celebration of Imago Community Kent Young Carers’ 10th Birthday.

Create’s art:space programme for young carers is funded by British Land.

artwork in Royal Victoria Place

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