Hotel Chocolat Christmas Collection

Hotel Chocolat believe that there is a different way where cacao farming can restore and reforest, acting as a champion for biodiversity. The journey of a cacao bean from tree to treat is at the very heart of the business, and everything is made according to our mantra more cacao, less sugar, with nothing artificial ever.

Hotel Chocolat has something for everyone you love, all created from one tiny (but important) little bean.

Here's our pick of the Christmas 2022 selection- visit the store for advent calendars, stocking fillers, and vegan treats.

Hotel chocolat chocolate wreath

The Grand Wreath Box - £80 Weighing in at over a kilo of chocolate, we don’t think you’ll be swapping these for a Christmas wreath made out of holly any time soon! 84 chocolates, including six Mini Wreaths


Hotel chocolat chocolate


Just for You Collection - £35 Something to curl up with. Penguins brimming with caramel and praline, mellow 40% Milk Batons and the Classic Christmas H-box, spilling over with filled recipes from Mulled Wine to Christmas Mess. The Classic Christmas H-box, 40% Milk Batons, Hazelnut Praline Penguin, Caramel Penguin

Hotel chocolat chocolate crackers

Rather Large Cracker - £40 40 festive chocolates individually wrapped, 12 paper hats and jokes.


Hotel chocolat chocolate



Hotel chocolat chocolate liquer

Salted Caramel VelvetisedTM Cream 500ml - £22 Is there anything more satisfying than salted caramel? Rich notes of buttery caramel and tangy sea salt make our Salted Caramel VelvetisedTM Chocolate Cream mouth-wateringly moreish. We’re partial to a shot (or two) all year round.


Black velvetiser

The Velvetiser

Imagined by Hotel Chocolat, engineered by Dualit, this chic hot chocolate machine creates barista-grade hot chocolate in just 2.5 minutes. No need for the resident hot chocolate maker to slave over a hot stove, slowly heating milk and showering cacao powder. Instead, simply plug in your Velvetiser, choose your chocolate and your milk – dairy or plant-based, or even water if you prefer – and press the button. Plus, with the removable whisk and non-stick coating, cleaning is easy – just rinse out with cold water. (It’s not suitable for dishwashers – but they’d just slow you down anyway.) T


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