Lush Christmas Gift Sets

Lush have the ultimate choice in Christmas gifts for all, and who wouldn't want an amazing smelling pampering treat under their tree this year?

This year, the Lush Christmas Gifts range has been created with the idea of togetherness in mind after such long periods apart from loved ones, and designed with the intention of providing joy for all who receive them.

We've put together a few of our favourites to share with you suitable for all budgets.

Secret Santa

Lush products in a secret santa wrapping paper.

A special Secret Santa gift idea that smells great and will leave their skin feeling soft and refreshed.£10.00

Little Snow Fairy

Little snow fairy gift set

Ideal for sprinkling a little Snow Fairy magic into your secret Santa, this fit is perfect for those looking for a sweet treat soak. £12.00


A soap and a black package next to a green wrapped gift from Lush

If you’re looking to awaken someone’s senses with something citrusy and zingy, then this zesty duo is perfect. A Christmas gift to uplift and brighten the season. £12.00


A Very Happy Lush Christmas

A lush gift set


Something for every bath, it’s a Lush Christmas gift that really keeps on giving, with activities and games to share with family and friends when you’re not enjoying a soak in the tub!

Christmas Bathtime Favourites

Festive shaped bathbombs around a wrapped gift box.

10 festive bath bombs for a Lush Christmas gift dream come true, great for a family to share over the festive season or, for one mega bath lover!


A lush gift set


This Christmas gift contains a combination of best selling products from our all year round range, exclusives from Christmas 2021, and a 100% organic cotton luxury eye mask, as well as Sleepy bath bomb – a gift exclusive! £50.00

12 Days of Christmas

A large colourful box saying 12 days surrounded by various lush products.

On the 12th day of Christmas my Lush love gave to me…seasonally scented shower and bath products to keep you going into the new year!£75.00

Fairy Christmas

Pink snow fairy products surrounding a gift box.

This Christmas gift is perfect for any serious Snow Fairy fans, with a selection of seven sweet scented products to make all of your Snow Fairy wishes come true! £60.00

The Art of Christmas Bathing

A gift box with a father christmas in the bath illustration surrounded by bathbombs.

This is the ultimate Christmas gift for any Lush bathing fanatic! Containing 4 all year round best sellers, and 16 from the limited edition Christmas range.£100.00


A large gift box with a lot of lush products surrounding it.

This Christmas gift is a real celebration of our 2021 Christmas range in one box. A must for any Lush fans! £185.00

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