Lush | Halloween

A spooktacular offering of ghosts, witches, and things that go pump-kin the night now available at Lush..

A ghost shaped Lush bathbomb product

Giggle with a ghost whilst blowing cherry scented bubbles through the mouth of the scream. Swish the blower into the bath water to create purple bubbles that will bring joy to even the darkest of Halloween nights.

Ectoplasm lush products.

Rinse away the cobwebs with this fresh and fruity goo. A squidgy blend of Xanthan gum, grapefruit and tangerine oil mean that this slime is not only plastic free, but softens and moisturises the skin while you wash.

Halloween gift set from lush

Three Halloween bath bombs to cosy up with on autumnal nights. 

Pumpkin shaped bath bombs from lush

Spice things up with a steamy bath of spicy squash. Sink into orange waters fragranced with warming cinnamon leaf and pumpkin powder to get you ready for an evening of Halloween festivities.

Find these items and more in store now!

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